New images show iPhone 15 with thin edges on the screen and USB-C port

On September 13th, Apple is anticipated to release details about the upcoming iPhone 15 smartphones. They will have improvements to the bezel, a new button, and a USB-C connector, according to recent leaks.

The range should have a USB-C port in place of a Lightning port from the entry-level iPhone 15 through the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The exchange is a component of a new European Union law that would standardize cables as of December 2024.

High-speed data transfer must be supported by the port on Pro models. The simplest gadgets continue to operate at USB 2.0 speed, the same as the Lightning cord. Additionally, only MFi-certified (Made for iPhone) accessories can be used with Apple mobile devices.

The USB-C port on the new iPhones was leaked on X, former Twitter, by engineer @lipilipsi.
Source: @lipilipsi

New button and bigger size

Additionally, according to leaked designs, a new button should replace the iPhone’s mute switch on the left side of the device. When shooting images or starting movies with the camera open, the novelty will also take the place of the volume button’s functionality.

The photos reveal an iPhone 15 Pro that is 0.3 millimeters thicker than last year’s model and 8.2 millimeters thicker than its older brother, the iPhone 14 Pro. With the same lens, the camera array might potentially be wider and shorter. The frame around the screen of the smartphone should be thinner as well.

Plans show the new button and measurements of the iPhone 15 Pro.
Source: Newoin