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An Open Source Documentation Toolkit, Docusaurus on Facebook

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2018)

An Open Source Documentation Toolkit, Docusaurus on Facebook

Docusaurus is a project for easily building, deploying, and maintaining open source project websites. You can save time and focus on your project’s documentation simply writing docs and blog posts with Markdown. It will publish a set of static HTML files ready to serve.
While Docusaurus ships with the key pages and sections you need to get started, including a home page, a docs section, a blog, and additional support pages. It is also customizable as well to ensure you have a site that is uniquely yours.
Facebook has recently launched Docusaurus which is an open source tool. It that allows users to publish documentation websites without having worry about the infrastructure and design details. It uses Markdown to help users write docs and blog posts. It is used to publish a set of static HTML files which is ready to upload onto a server.
Developers can use the same header and footer again and again with the help of Docusaurs to extend their project’s layout. This is not the first time Facebook releases toolkits and products to the open source community for further development and broader adoption. It has submitted design materials of the Big Sur o the Open Compute Project. It is the type of machine used in all its AI which allow researchers to copy and build their own AI machine. Facebook has also launched all the schematics of its Surround 360 camera on GitHub little over a year ago.
It uses GitHub as its source of truth. The core team will be working directly there. All changes will be public from the beginning.When a change made on GitHub is approved, it will be checked by our continuous integration system. Docusaurus is MIT licensed and its documentation is Creative Commons licensed.

                                                 Docusaurus by facebook

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