Apple Smart Glasses Patent Details a Lighter, Comfier Head-Mounted Display

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2018)

Apple Smart Glasses Patent Details a Lighter, Comfier Head-Mounted Display

CEO of Apple, Tim Cook has discussed at the company’s ambitions about launching a head-mounted display or smart glasses. The technology doesn’t exist itself. So they approach to try and come up with a unique way to tackle the hurdles involved.

A new patent filing details a new pair of smart glasses that offer a lighter, more comfortable head-mounted display. It is the best options currently on the market. This Optical System for Head-mounted Display was published at the USPTO on Friday.
It consists of multi-lens configuration that is lighter and less bulky than existing designs. This will help reduce fatigue and allow for longer periods of use. The application focuses more on virtual reality than augmented reality.
In this application, Apple uses the catadioptric optical system. It allows the system to do head-tracking with relation to 3D space around the wearer. It is already used in telescopes and some camera lenses. You can fold it using stacks of lenses and mirrors in convex and concave shapes. This will make the lens much shorter and more compact than other lenses.
apple smart glass
Color fringing will observe due to chromatic aberration. The device uses curved mirrors and lenses to combine refraction and reflection into a single system. Apple may be able to do away with the magnifying lenses used in standard VR headsets to blow up images large enough for users to see.
Before launching any device, Apple is likely playing a long game and waiting to see where the chips fall, and that could play out in its favor.  The company waits until the technology catches up with their expectations of the eventual product.
Now hope you are now familiar with the features of this new attractive smart glass of Apple. You can comment us for more information.

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