Bagmati Province will establish a State Science and Technology Fund

bagmati science and technology

Bagmati Province will establish a state science and technology fund to promote innovation. Bagmati Province is one of Nepal’s seven provinces established by the country’s constitution. It is the most populous province and fifth-largest province by area. Recently, the Bagmati State Government has allocated a budget for the coming Fiscal Year.

And, many entrepreneurs, techies, and creative types are wondering if there is anything in store for them. The economy appears to have come to a halt as a result of the emergence of Covid-19 and its current second wave.

A daily loss of Rs 2 billion is borne by the private sector. In this scenario, a budget has been prepared to help mitigate economic losses and manage the situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. To ease the loss total of Rs 180.4 billion has been set aside for education, research, and technology as a whole.

The funding is provided for state monitoring and assessment, which includes digital state thinking, transportation management, driver’s license, industry, and commerce. Business registration and other services are also included in the budget.

The services will be made available via electronic means. Similarly, funds are set aside for the operation and management of information banks. So, to ensure that information and communication within the state is efficient, methodical, and disciplined. The budget will be used to set up and run the information bank. Also included in the budget for the approaching fiscal year 2078/79 BS is the formation of an autonomous mass media house. The endeavor will be aided by the use of information technology in public service delivery.

There will also be plans in place to submit and approve the budget using an electronic system for money transfers and program changes. To make tax collection more realistic, Bagmati Pradesh will establish an integrated revenue information system. It will also aid in the improvement of the Transport Management Office’s information system.

The budget has been set aside to expand a technology-friendly education system in schools. The budget also includes funds for the creation of information and technology laboratories.

In the coming fiscal year, the state government has also set aside funds to create and implement the state education management information system. The state will establish a state science and technology fund in the 2019 fiscal year to encourage young scientists to pursue new knowledge and technology through research, development, and innovation.

Furthermore, plans will be made to transfer funds from the Young Scientists Promotion Fund to this fund. Science and technology funds will benefit students by encouraging the development of new ideas and research. Science and technology are essential for any country’s success and development.

In any culture, technology plays a critical role in wealth creation, improving quality of life, and true economic progress and transformation.

Will the government be able to carry out all of the promised measures and plans to the best of its abilities? What is your opinion?
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