Bangladesh Ready to Invest in Energy and Hydroelectricity Development of Nepal

(Last Updated On: August 11, 2018)

Nepal is the second richest country for water resources after Brazil in the world.  Though it’s the second, hydroelectricity has not been sufficient all over the country. What can be the main reason behind this?. The main reason is we are lacking skilled manpower and investors in our country.

Recently, Bangladesh has agreed to help us with our hydroelectricity generation. During meet comprehensive letter signed between the energy, water source and irrigation minister of Nepal, Mr. Barsha Man Pun and the power, energy and minerals resource state minister of Bangladesh, Mr. Narasul Hamid.

The government signed the MoU with Bangladesh in order to expand Nepal’s hydropower market in every aspect. Also, we all knew already Nepal has already signed bilateral agreements with India and China on energy cooperation.

On last Friday in Kathmandu, both of the countries agreed in the decision that Bangladesh can buy about 5 hundred megawatts of electricity from Nepal for increasing the investment in the field of hydroelectricity. According to Mr. Pun, “ we’ve taken this decision with Bangladesh in order to increase the investment in the field of hydroelectricity power generation in Nepal”. Also, for the hydroelectricity import between countries, we’ve coordinated with India for making transmission line”. Hamid also made clear that his country is ready to transfer necessary technology to Nepal for solar power.

Hence, Bangladesh has agreed to invest in hydroelectricity for the first time. As in comprehensive letter to both the countries to take that understanding into implementation.

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