Best AI and machine learning tools for developers

Best AI and machine learning tools for developers

Different AI frameworks and APIs will enable developers to learn new skills as the demand for knowledge in ’emerging’ tech such as artificial intelligence and machine learning grows. Techworld explores the top offerings from tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon, while also reviewing other AI tools on the market.
Here is list of some best AI and machine learning tools for developers.


Three new machine learning tool is developed by Microsoft in Orlando. the machines are the Azure Machine Learning Experimentation service, the Azure Machine Learning Workbench, and the Azure Machine Learning Model Management service. The tools are designed on the basis of developer requirement so they can make their own AI agents.
Not only that there are also some tools for non-developers that they use for AI functionality within their Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
Previously also Microsoft has launched three tools for developers named Custom Speech Service, Content Moderator and Bing Speech APIs so everyone can access it.
There are some tools designed by Microsoft for the developers who want to add emotion detection, vision and speech recognition and language understanding.

2. ai-one

Its ‘Analyst Toolbox’ gives a document library building agents and APIs for developers.It converts into generalized rule sets by turning data, enabling lots of in-depth AI and machine learning structures.

3. Protege

It creates open source tools for the developer who want to create knowledge-based applications with ontologies.It does not matter the developers are whether beginners or experts, it allows to create, upload, modify and share applications.

4. IBM Watson

In the field of AI, it is a big player who designed tools for both developers and business users.As it is open APIs, it gives access to lots of sample code, starter kits to its user.
For beginners, it has a chatbot building platform requiring little machine learning skills. It also pre-trained content to make training them much quicker.

5. DiffBlue
It is a dedicated code platform which was founded by Daniel Kroening at the University of Oxford. Its goal is to locate bugs, refactor code, perform test writing and find and fix weaknesses in code.

6. Google’s TensorFlow

It is an open source platform for machine learning projects.TensorFlow provides library having numerical computation using data flow graphs. developers can develop deep learning frameworks over multiple central processing units (CPUs), on mobile, desktop and tablet devices.
One who is not familiar with this, it includes lots of documentation, tutorials, and online resources.

7. Nervana Neon

It was founded in 2014, it allows developers build, train and use deep learning technologies in the cloud. It has lots of video tutorials and a ‘model zoo’ which has pre-trained algorithms and example scripts.

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