BitLife – Life Simulator For PC

Do you often wonder if you could go back in time and do things differently? Well, you may not be able to do that in real life, but you can certainly try that in BitLife.

BitLife is a life simulator game that’s mostly text-based. You basically make life choices for your alter ego in the game from birth to death. Based on your choices, you face the consequences, you know, just how it is in real life.

Overview of BitLife

So in BitLife, you basically choose a character and live a virtual life. You decide what that character does their whole life. As you make choices, those very choices shape and decide the next stage.

Essentially, there are two stages of this virtual life in BitLife: childhood and adulthood.

The game is designed by Candywriter and is available only on mobile platforms (Android and iOS).

This is a single-player game, but you can form relations with other players as a brother, sister, etc. When the game begins, you’ll be asked certain questions that decide your identity. You will choose your father, mother, and country of birth.

The game progresses year by year. So you really do get to live each stage of growing up and then every year of your adult life. This makes it quite a stretch, so this game will take considerable time, but you can play at your own pace as it saves progress, and you can begin from where you left off.

You’ll also see health, happiness, smarts, and looks bars that represent how you’re doing in these areas at each stage of life. These metrics ultimately decide how you’ll leave the BitLife world. For instance, if your health bar is significantly low even at an early stage, your chances of dying can be high.

Is it Fun to Play?

If you’re a gamer who plays action-filled games like PUBG or survival games like Minecraft, you’ll probably not like this game so much. That’s because it’s a life simulation game and doesn’t really use 3D characters or worlds either. Rather it’s a question and answer game that leads to the next stage, depending on the answers you chose.

That all said, it can be quite interesting to play, especially for those who have time to kill and want something closer to real life.

It’s interesting because it targets that element of wonder we all have that what could have been if he hadn’t done that or done this. We all wonder from time to time how our lives would be if we had gone to a different school, married a different person or not married at all, or even chosen a different career path.

This game can be a nice way to find out what could have been had you made those choices But keep in mind that this is just a game following an advanced algorithm designed by the game’s makers. So you shouldn’t let it affect you in any way emotionally.

Is it for Children?

According to the Google Play Store, BitLife has a Mature rating and is suitable for people aged 17 or above. This means that it’s not ideal for children.

Although there’s no violence or sexually graphic content in the game, it’s still a more suitable choice for late teenagers and adults. The idea of the game may not be so fun for kids in the first place, so they wouldn’t really like it either.

Can You Play BitLife on PC?

You sure can! You just need an emulator and the game’s APK file to play BitLife on PC. LD Player is a great Android emulator you can download on your PC to play this and many other games from Google Play Store.

Download and install the emulator. Also, download the APK file of the game or directly download it from Google Play Store within the emulator (you may need to log in with a Google account).

If using an APK file, simply drag and drop it to the emulator screen. It will install on its own and you can begin playing the game on your PC screen.

It works just how it does on a mobile device. You can select your character and answer questions. Your progress will be saved, and every time you open the app on PC, you can continue from where you left off.


BitLife is an interesting game that simulates life with questions and answers. It’s essentially for adults as they can grasp the questions and choices better. The game is fun to play in your free time and to find out alternative scenarios.

If you think about it, the game can also help you self-reflect and analyze your own decision-making process. Who knows you might start seeing things differently in real life too.

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