Chamber of Industries, Morang invites applicants to submit an online application for startup businesses.

Chamber of Industries Morang

The Chamber of Industries, Morang is planning to start a Startup and Innovation Program that may help to transform the innovative business ideas and concepts of youths into Entrepreneurship.

The objective of the program is to create new business opportunities by facilitating and coordinating access to technical business development services, finance, and other necessary investments.

Industry Association Morang invites applications from all interested parties in Province No: 1 to participate in this program.

Who can Participate?

  • A potential innovative idea with economic and business (Idea Stage)
  • Early-stage startup (2 years) having growth potential operating formally

Selection Priority:

  • New business concept,   
  • Possibility to upgrade and follow,
  • The front and backlink of an ongoing business is or likely to be maintained,
  • Based on Local raw materials,
  • Agro-business (Special Consideration)

Selection process and requirements:

Selection in the first stage based on 100 marks evaluation

  • Clarity of proposal, thought and completeness of application 10%
  • Innovative proposal idea, new technology, high value 60%
  • Assistance requested by the proposer and capacity of the program 30%

To participate in the next stage, applicants must receive 60 points in the first stage. 

Basis of selection in the second stage

  • Novelty of proposal presentation and its impact on value chain 60%
  • Applicant’s background, knowledge, and commitment 40%

Services available throughout the program:

  • Mentorship and coaching services
  • Research and laboratory testing
  • Networking and Interaction
  • Administrative and Legal assistance
  • Coordination and facilitation among banks and financial institutions
  • Knowledge about intellectual properties
  • Regular follow-up evaluation and support


The general services provided under this program will be provided free of cost. However, there may be costs for lab testing, research activities, and other extra program endeavors. The participant has to bear such costs himself.

The program will provide all necessary services, including legal and technical consultation, to assist in the implementation of business plans, but will not provide financial assistance.

The program lasts 18 months and upon completion, trainee entrepreneurs will receive a certificate and will be able to operate their business independently.

For other information, follow the organization’s website and Facebook page. To apply online, click for the online google form or you can also submit via email, [email protected]

Following documents should be attached while applying:

a. Application Form – डाउनलोड

b. Business Concept Paper  – डाउनलोड

c.Citizenship Certification

d. Identity Card if a Student

e. Registration Document for Existing Businesses 


The application submission is valid from Shrawan 1, 2078 to Shrawan 32, 2078.

Things to know:

The program will offer business, legal, and technical consulting services. For the purpose of implementing a business plan. It will not facilitate any financial assistance. Typically, the startup training period lasts up to 18 months. After completing their training, trainee entrepreneurs will receive a certificate allowing them to operate their businesses independently. After completing this program, participants can join the industry association Morang’s membership network, volunteer as a trainer, mentor, fellow entrepreneur, or consultant, and spread the word about their success stories and role models.

Following the call for applications for startup businesses, a pre-application discussion will be held. During the discussion, the interested applicant will learn about the program and the assistance that will be provided by the program. The type of assistance, the conditions that must be met, the application procedure, the documents that must be attached, and the issues that must be addressed in the business plan concept. For events and other information, visit the organization’s website and Facebook page. All event-related information will be posted on the event’s Facebook page.

Partner Organizations:

  • Purbanchal University
  • Manmohan Technical University
  • Kathmandu University, School of Management
  • National Innovation Center
  • Regional Agricultural Research Council
  • Antarprerana Pvt. Ltd.

Partnerships with state and local governments

  • State Government, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Forest and Environment
  • Biratnagar Metropolitan City
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