How To Change The Color Of Folders In Windows

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2018)

How To Change The Color Of Folders In Windows

You have plenty of folders where you keep books, images, notes, videos and many more. We waste lots of time to find a folder need at the moment.

Similar-looking yellow folders it is easy to make a mistake and carelessly delete an important folder. We can solve this type of problem by changing folder color.

StepTo Change Folders With Different Colours:


  • This application does not have an executable (more than the process itself) nor does it have any relevant configuration files it is already fully functional. Once the application will be installed on the system and you will follow this steps:

    1. First, you should select and right-click the folder.windows

2. Secondly, select Colorize from a list.


3. Thirdly, choose a color.

If you want to recover the original appearance, simply go back to the color change menu and select “Restore Original Color”.windows
If you want to add more color you have a section called Colors from where we will be able to change the default colors in the palette of Colorizer Folder.

Another Methode To Change Folder Color

Folderico is one of the best and simplest tools for this purpose. Its compatibility with all the versions of windows makes it a good choice. After installing it you don’t have to launch any application to use it. Its option will be visible when you right click on the selected folder.
Steps to use Folderico:
First, download Folderico Tool from the link provided below.
Click on this link https://www.folderico.com/download.html to download.windows

  1. Choose the folder for which you want to change the color and right click on the folder.
  2. After right clicking Change Icon option will be visible.
  3. Once you go to Change Icon, various colors will be available for you to use.
  4. You can select any color and your folder will be changed to selected color.

As we can see, it is a very simple application to use and, at the same time, very appreciative of the operating system.
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