China’s Other Version of TikTok, Douyin Limits its Use for Children


Do you know China’s other version of TikTok, Douyin limits its use for children? Or, you are one of the many users?

China is limiting the use of Douyin, China’s version of TikTok to 40 minutes per day. 

This rule will apply to users below 14 years old and who have been authenticated to use their real names.  

The parent company Bytedance announces the app’s Youth Mode in a blog post, that it’s the first short-video company in the industry that is applying these limits. 

Looks like China is cracking down on the use of technology by teenagers. 

However, there is no minimum age for using this platform, Douyin. But, users below 18 requires to obtain the consent of a legal guardian. Whereas, the minimum age limit for the sister app TikTok is 13. 

In addition, the Douyin app launches educational content like science experiments, museum exhibitions, and historical explainers as part of Youth Mode. 

Furthermore, the company is planning to provide more quality content for young people. So, that they can learn and see the world at the same time. 

Technology Crackdown

In the previous month, China banned below 18 from playing video games during the week. Also, the playing time was restricted to just 1 hour on Fridays, weekends, and holidays.

Moreover, Chinese children were also banned from taking their mobile phones to school in February.  

Analysis about Douyin limits its use for children

Above regulations on China’s version of TikTok have been long coming. 

The official media has always been warning about the use of the internet by young Chinese people. However, this is having an adverse effect on their physical and mental health. 

We Are Social media agency suggests that Chinese people spend above 5 hours on the internet. Whereas, 2 hours of which are on social media. 

However, the data doesn’t include users under 16 years old. Due to the Covid-19, online learning is prominent in young Chinese people’s lives. Consequently, 95% of China’s youth population is online nowadays. Where 183 million are minors. 

Moreover, Douyin which is similar to TikTok is more popular among young audiences. So the Cyberspace Administration of China announces the regulation about Douyin limits its use for children. In order to create a good cyberspace environment for the healthy development of young people. 


So to wrap up, we’ve discussed China’s other version of TikTok, Douyin, limits its use for children.

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