Consumers facing trouble due to the issue between NEA and ISPs

NEA (Nepal Electricity Authority) had been cutting wires of different ISP’s at various places for few days. Due to the action, consumers are facing many difficulties. Therefore, it has decided not to cut wires anymore.

NEA executive director Kulman Ghising declared that the process of cutting wires stops by now. He added that NEA will take other steps to recover the due charges. Either making general users victims, NEA has specified to cut the lines at the home of operators if the situation requires.

The Internet has been an essential part of daily life. Due to the dispute between NTA and NEA, internet service is disrupted across several regions in the country. ISPs have not paid the electricity pole charges as per the increased internet price. Similarly, old dues from previous years have also not been cleared. However, ISPs are determined not to pay such a huge amount of rent.

Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA), Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) and, Internet service providers Association of Nepal (ISPAN) all are criticizing the act of NEA of cutting fiber wires. They are also disagreeing with the terms regarding current fares.

Meanwhile, NEA states to take legal action against the ISP companies to recover the due amount. It says it is the responsibility of internet service providers to pay the revenue. The rental charge is allocated based on the expenses collected by the service providers from public users. Thus, this duty cannot be avoided or refused.

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