Cool new gadgets at CES 2018

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2018)

 Cool new gadgets at CES 2018

This is the only thing which is the interesting field of the child, young as well as old one. Everyone is searching for the new and latest gadget. So today we came with the list of the certain gadget so that you can get the information and choose the best one.
Here is a list of the certain latest gadget.

1. LG Display’s roll-up OLED TV

It is 65-inch rollable paper-thin organic light emitting diode display (OLED) prototype having UHD resolution.It is easy to store and move from one place to another, but more than anything else, it still remains a distinct sci-fi concept. It is the first one that’s flexible enough to spin up into tube form.It delivers the best picture quality. This new model adds improved processing, high frame rate capability and voice control. Its price has not mentioned yet.

                                                                     OLED DISPLAY

2. Hyundai Hydrogen fuel cell SUV

It is equipped with a 120 kW e-motor. Its estimated prototype fuel cell is bolstered by three 700-bar hydrogen tanks and a 1.56 kWh lithium-ion battery, will get more than 350 miles per fill-up. It only emits water vapor. It will be launched in late 2018 and its price in still unknown. It debuts a new design philosophy, with narrow LED headlights, a broad grille, and a squinting rear end. The door handles hide away when locked, much like a Tesla Model S. There’s a new interior treatment, new tech to discover and, of course, the revised fuel cell powertrain.

Hyundai hydrogen fuel cell
                                                                   Hyundai Hydrogen fuel cell

3. Vuzix Blade smart glasses

It is a smart Sunglass which provide a wearable smart display. It’s like having your computer or smartphone screen information with you wherever you go.It is a perfect companion to a smartphone, allowing users to keep their phone in their pockets for almost everything. You can reserve this Vuzix Blade developer kit for $495.00.
                                                                                                     Vuzix smart glass

4. Acer Swift 7

Acer has launched an ultrabook named Acer Swift 7, which weighs merely 1.1 kgs.This is the thinnest laptop of  8.98mm thick. Its battery goes for 9 hours so you’ll be able to get things done wherever the day takes you. You can enjoy up to 3X faster wireless performance than before.With IPS technology, everything will look clean and crisp on the 13.3-inch Full HD display.It runs Windows 10 Home OS and is powered by 7th generation. It has 1.2 GHz Intel Core i5-7Y54 processor, 8 GB DDR3 Ram and supports 256GB SSD memory.

acer swift 7
                                                                                           Acer swift 7

5. Samsung Family Hub smart fridge

Whenever it comes to food, more choice is always better. That’s why the Family Hub comes in
three unique designs. With cutting-edge cooling technology in three sleek, ergonomic designs, the Family Hub refrigerator lets you store your favorite foods the way you want. The Family Hub fits any kitchen décor with unique design accents and fingerprint-proof stainless steel.

samsung family hub

Hope you become familiar with these gadgets. so enjoy the new year with latest new technology. For more details, you can comment us.

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