Copilot: GitHub launches AI that serves as a programming assistant

The source code and archives platform for programmers GitHub has released a new assistant via Artificial Intelligence. The new feature can help both early-career and veteran developers who need to save time.

The service is called Copilot and works on several fronts, helping to carry out tests, find bugs and even repeat code throughout a process. There’s even an “autocomplete” function that recognizes future possibilities and suggests alternatives or solutions of entire lines of code to the user.

Copilot works from OpenAI Codex, which has been trained using source codes and natural human-to-human conversational language. This means that it is also able to answer queries or commands written in the document by the user.
A suggestion from Copilot.

However, as the company itself suggests, the wizard “does not write code perfectly” and not all suggestions are for the better, especially in these early stages of implementation. Hence, the developer’s role to review, add and test each suggestion is essential.


Copilot, for now, is in the “technical preview” phase and can be used as an extension of Visual Studio Code. You can better understand how it works, including practical examples, on the service’s official page.

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