Customers have locked the Classic Tech office in Biratnagar

Customers have locked the Biratnagar Traffic Chowk branch office of Classic Tech, a private internet company. On Friday, service seekers locked the office, claiming the company was incapable of providing quality service.

The office was locked when four days ago after a service recipient informed the issue and has not been resolved yet.

When service recipients lodged their complaints, the company has been pressuring them to purchase new equipment. The outraged group has locked the office, purchasing a new router, they have only increased costs.

Bhupal Singh Karki, Classic Tech’s National Manager, stated that there was no major issue for service heirs and that it would be resolved on Saturday.

Source: Our Biratnagar

UPDATE:, a leading news portal in Eastern Nepal covered the story and it spread at an alarming rate and gained 4.6K shares from website, 1.9K Facebook reactions, and more than 500+ interactions in comments within 24 hours. Classic Tech blocked the story of on their own network so that the news cannot be read by many of its consumers who are using their service.

What do you think blocking a news portal will enhance customer service of classic tech? How lethal is that? Instead of doing so and blocking the voices and outrage of customers, Classic Tech needs to learn a better way to make their customers happy. Let us know what do you think about this in the comment section below.

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