Danson Training’s Event/Webinar – A discussion raging battle against AI

Danson Training Launch Event

Danson Solutions is organizing an online webinar for the launch of its new IT learning platform i.e. Danson Training. The webinar will have a Panel discussion on an emerging topic of IT in the modern world i.e. “Will AI take away human jobs?”. The discussion will host renowned panelists from the field of IT as they share their thoughts and experiences
regarding the topic and the IT field in general.

There will also be an exclusive launch of Danson Training with its demo and announcement of packages for enthusiasts seeking to learn IT-related courses. Also, be on the lookout for some promotional offers which will be exclusively provided to the participants in the webinar.

Further details of the event:

Title: Will AI take away human jobs?
Date: 18th Sept 2021
Time: 5-6 pm
Platform: Zoom (Broadcasted on Facebook live as well)
Zoom link:
Webinar ID: 964 3183 3402

Passcode: 414389
Target: Students Interested in the IT Sector and who want to pursue their career in IT.
Moderator: Prenisha(overall content supervisor in Danson Training) and Sashya(Game and
Marketing Lead)
Register Here: Link

As mentioned previously, some influential personalities and great tech enthusiasts will be
joining us as our guest speakers. Excited about the panelist reveal?? If so, here are their
names and a bit of introduction too: Guest Speakers:

1. Bikalpa Dhakal:
He is a university gold medalist in computer engineering who works as a software
engineer at LogPoint A/S and as a teaching assistant at Nepal College Of Information
Technology. He is an expert in a variety of programming languages, including Python,
C, Java, and others, as well as databases such as MongoDB, SQL, and Firebase. He
has also led several Python boot camps.

2. Monil:
He is a Data Analyst graduate from Stevens Institute Of Technology, New Jersey with
experience in data science and business analytics, as well as programming languages
including Python, SQL, and R, and has worked on several projects in these
disciplines/areas. He is also a skilled researcher who has worked as a data scientist
research assistant for over a year.

3. SRJ:
He is one of our company’s backbones, overseeing the technical intricacies of all
Danson Solution initiatives, including Danson Training. He is a front-end developer
and a python expert with strong critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. He is
an expert at everything from resolving technical issues to providing insight on project

About the company:
Danson Training is an IT learning platform that is also a subsidiary company of DANSON
SOLUTION. We offer online live classes of various programming languages, web
development, app development, game development, and graphic designing for all age groups.
Besides the live classes, various projects and assignments are assigned and assessed by the

Danson Training is fully focused on its commitments which are:
● Provide interactive classes and make learning fun and easy.
● Offer classes by experienced professionals
● Make the learning more flexible
● Help you to achieve your dreams

Itinerary for the Event:
5- 5:15 pm: Introduction- Moderators and company intro
– Introduction to DansonsTraining
– Introduction of the Guest speakers
– Brief Introduction on the theme of the session by the moderators
5: 15 – 5:45: Common topics discussion by guest speakers
5:50 to 5:55: DansonsTraining Demo and Course Launch Announcement – Sam
5:55 to 6:05: Q&A session from the audience
6:05 to 6:10: Ending notes by the speaker and the DansonsTraining Team – VJ
6:10 to 6:15: DansonsTraining Video

The event is sure to involve some vital talks regarding the tech world and AI. But if you are
interested in having a slight idea of what the discussions can be then here are some topics
likely to show up in the event.

Possible topics to be discussed:
1. Using AI in a humanitarian way.
2. What kind of jobs are in danger due to the massive takeover of AI?
3. What are the benefits of AI from an end-user perspective?
4. Use of python in AI
5. How can learning python help you find better jobs for your career?
6. Advantage of Python over other programming languages
7. Where is AI heading towards in the next 10 years?
8. How is AI spreading Terrorism?
9. AI in ethics
10. Generalized AI
11. The working behind AI

Our motive for the event:
Our upcoming webinar is not just for the big launch of Danson Training but also to make
people aware of the consequences that AI might alarmingly bring in. Additionally, we’ll try
to discuss some possible tactics that we as an individual can adapt for escorting humans from
the dangers of AI.

Now that you know almost every detail of the event. Won’t you be joining and helping us to make this event and our effort a success?

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