Digital Art & Outline with Nishma Shrestha

EventsNP is organizing online webinar on Digital Art and Outline with Nishma Shrestha on Nov 13, 2021.

The phrase “digital art” was coined in the early 1980s when computer engineers created a paint program that was used by Harold Cohen, a pioneering digital artist. AARON, a robotic machine meant to make big drawings on sheets of paper laid out on the floor, was born. Cohen has continued to fine-tune the AARON algorithm as technology advances since this early effort into artificial intelligence. 

Using a tablet and a mouse, digital art can be created, scanned, or sketched. It was possible to download video onto computers in the 1990s, thanks to advancements in digital technology, allowing artists to edit the pictures they had captured with a video camera. Artists were able to clip and paste within moving images to create visual collages, which they had never been able to accomplish before with cinema. 

Some digital art has recently become interactive, allowing the spectator to have some control over the final artwork.

Topic: Digital Art and Outline 

Duration: 1 and half hour 


Date: Nov 13, 2021

Time: 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Heading 1: Introduction (5 to 10 min)

Sub Heading:

a. Self-Introduction

b. Introduction about Outline/Digital Art

c. Tool and app used

Heading 2: Tutorial (30 to 40 min)

Sub Headings:

a. Art board sizes

b. Layers

c. Brushes

d. How to draw different body parts, background etc.

Heading 3: Alternate apps and tools (10 min)

Procreate, Adobe draw, Autodesk, MediBang paint

Heading 4: Conclusion (10 min)

a. Summary

b. Can also draw cartoon/ vexel art

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