Doogee to Launch iPhone X Clone With in-display Finger Print Sensor

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2018)

Doogee to Launch iPhone X Clone With in-display Finger Print Sensor

iPhone X came with a bang with exciting features however many people couldn’t afford the device is costly. Now a Chinese smartphone brand Doogee is about to launch the replica of iPhone X with their brand name. This is a good news for people who wanted to buy iPhone X, however, couldn’t afford it. Doogee to Launch iPhone X Clone With in-display Finger Print Sensor.
No doubt it was the year of the notch and different devices incorporating sensors just like iPhone X’s sensor packed notch keep on coming. The Doogee V looks very close to an iPhone X having the front notch with screen wrapping around it into the corners.
Doogee V is incorporated into a display that touches the bottom of the phone and vertically stacked rear cameras but no fingerprint sensor is added at the back of the phone. There are rumors that Doogee V has a fingerprint sensor built into the screen. It means Doogee is not using Face ID technology like iPhone X. It also means that the notch is unnecessary. However, it is made to perfectly mimic the iPhone but as expected it does not have same features inside.
One of the big highlights here is that the Doogee V still has a fingerprint sensor. It’s just built into the screen. The very first phone with a fingerprint sensor only arrived a few weeks ago. But the tech, which comes from Synaptics, is available to other companies. So the company is going to start seeing it proliferate this year.

The inclusion of a fingerprint sensor means that Doogee doesn’t have any tech similar to Face ID. It also means that the notch is kind of unnecessary.

Doogee V has an earpiece, a selfie camera, and an ambient light sensor, from the looks of it. The phone also has USB-C and a headphone jack. Price of the phone is not announced yet but it is evident that it will be cost-effective. It has a 6.2-inch display which makes it a perfect large screen phone.
The features have been extracted from the teaser of V device launched by Doogee. The company plans to release more details on 27th, February 2017.

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