Electronic Arts (EA) fallen victim to hackers – 780 GB worth of data

Electronic Arts (EA) is a game publisher and all the games released are for bestselling active platforms. The EA is one of the largest game companies in the world. The company has confirmed that Electronic Arts (EA) has fallen victim to hackers and made away with the source code to FIFA 21, a proprietary Frostbite game engine that is used as the base for other high-profile games.
Reportedly hackers are advertising the data for sale on hacking forums, and only consider offers from a big-name member of the hacking community.

No Players are at Risk

EA said, no player’s data were stolen in the breach and they believe there is no risk to players’ privacy. EA also claimed, they are still investigating the recent incident of intrusion where their game source and related tools were stolen, and the network intrusion was not a ransom attack.

They also said, the company has improved in security following the hack and does not expect any impact on game or business, and actively working with law enforcement officials as part of this ongoing criminal investigation.

Hacked Important Source Code

Source code is a text which has lists of commands to be compiled into a viable computer program and is much easier to read and understand than the end version in a finished product.

The source code, hackers claim to have is a strong game creation tool and holds significant value for an unscrupulous developer willing to copy it or cheat codes and hacks for games. This could also lead to revealing secret projects and game ideas.

The hacker also claims that they have Microsoft Xbox and Sony’s SDKs and API keys which are available for sale.

Leaked proprietary source code is not a piece of good news and is serious IP theft. Hackers now have precious information in their hands and can exploit security gaps and even reverse engineer games for malicious purposes.

While the company also suffers huge monetary loss from both investment made and future revenue. Hackers usually are quick to monetize what they steal and the source code worth 780GB from Electronic Arts (EA) can gain big money in the darknet.

Hackers Vector Undetermined

The data hacked are claimed to have viewed various posts for its sale on some underground hacking forums. EA has not disclosed how attackers breached the network.

Reportedly the attackers must have exploited an unpatched, known vulnerability in EA’s network and a well-known common way to penetrate corporate servers. It could also be the misconfigured and exposed service that allowed to gain access to the hackers.

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The breach of a company’s big chunk of 780GB of intellectual property (IP) could pose a long-term problem for EA.
Reportedly, hackers shared some screenshots of the stolen 780GB of EA data while the hackers are trying to sell the data online.

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