Facebook Live Audio Rooms in Clubhouse Style

facebook live audio rooms

Facebook debuted its own Clubhouse Style Live Audio Rooms and a mechanism to locate and listen to podcasts on its platform on Monday. Marking the world’s largest social network’s foray into social audio.

Live Audio Rooms, a Facebook Clubhouse competitor, is now available in the United States. Some US-based public personalities, as well as specific groups, can now host rooms through the main Facebook iOS app, the company revealed today.

Facebook Audio Room

Anyone can be invited to talk, and up to 50 individuals can speak at the same time. There is no limit on the amount of people who can attend, which is a huge concession to Clubhouse, which has room size restrictions.

It’s also adding some cool new features, such as notifications when your friends or followers enter a room and live captioning. To join the conversation, click the “raise a hand” button, and reactions will be accessible to interact with throughout the chat. Clubhouse, Twitter’s live audio tool, now has captions, while Twitter Spaces does not.

Admins can control who can create a room within a group: moderators, group members, or other admins. Private group chats will be restricted to members only, while public group chats will be accessible both inside and outside the group.

In addition, hosts can choose a cause or fundraiser to support during their chat, and a button to donate immediately appears on the chat. Again, it feels like this is a feature that was specifically designed to target a common Clubhouse use case and make it as frictionless as possible. (Many Clubhouse developers have used the app to hold fundraisers, but they have to lead visitors to external links in order to receive money.)

Facebook, which has indicated that it wants to make audio a “first-class medium” on its platforms, has joined Twitter Inc. in offering live audio, as has chat service Discord. Spotify released their own version, “Greenroom,” on Wednesday. Slack, Microsoft-owned LinkedIn, and Reddit are all working on similar tools.

The company, which has been vocal about its efforts to recruit content producers. It is partnering up with popular figures such as musicians, journalists, and athletes to introduce the live audio rooms. In the live audio room, listeners will be able to send creators “stars,” Facebook’s virtual currency.

According to Zuckerberg, the company will not receive a percentage of creative earnings until 2023. For U.S. listeners, a limited number of podcasts will be available on Facebook, with the company pledging to extend the list soon.

The issues of filtering live and recorded audio content, even in private Facebook Groups, will be faced by Facebook. Which has been chastised for its handling of problematic content across its products.

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