Fonepay embarks on 3rd year completing two years successfully

Fonepay embarks on 3rd year completing two years successfully. It has been operating for two years being a bridge between technology and people. It connects over 50 Nepali banks and financial institutions and over 14 million customers and merchants.

Fonepay is a digital payment processor that connects consumers, banks, and merchants in an interoperable network to facilitate mobile/digital payments. It is a part of the F1 soft group operating since 2004. It authorizes the transactions to happen between in-store merchant payments, online payments, and P2P fund transfers.

“Connecting people to financial services through technology and enabling their inclusion in the formal economy” is the main slogan of the company.

Fonepay comes included with an issuer bank’s mobile/internet banking system. All the transactions occur securely within the system.

Especially, in the midst of covid-19, digital payment systems have to ease the daily life of people. Fonepay have helped to expand the horizon of digital payment platform in Nepal. People are preferring digital payment as it is more convenient and transparent. Thus, it is helping to bring the digital revolution in the country.

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