Google Chrome 64 For Android Automatically Cleans Up URLs While Sharing

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2018)

Google Chrome 64 For Android Automatically Cleans Up URLs While Sharing

Google Chrome is Google’s web browser. With it, you can open web applications and games with no hassle. Chrome 64 launched with features like the white navigation bar, blocks auto redirect pop-ups and more and an ad blocker. Now it also added a new feature that automatically shortens URLs and converts them and removes the unnecessary strings at the end of URLs.
Firstly Android Police spotted this feature. It cleans up cleans up long or messy URLs when shared through the browser’s built-in Share functionality in the overflow menu. This feature is related to the “canonical page” URLs that Google started supporting some time ago.
In version 64, sharing that page using the Chrome menu will shorten the link. Most of the URLs have a large amount of additional text attached to them which is not necessary to share. You can get some URL shortener solutions to get rid of it. As it belongs to the third party, it is unmanageable to use. But while using Chrome 64, Goole will take care of such lengthy URLs. To shortened link, to the clipboard or share directly to another app, you can use the Share menu.
It isn’t functional in V63 and is only available in Chrome V64. While shortening the URL anchor tags will be removed that load a page to a specific location. This feature also works on links from Amazon, Flipkart, Google AMP, Wikipedia, and more. It also works on any other third-party app.
google chrome 64
Finally, we can see that Google is implementing the features that people actually want into Chrome. This URL cleaner gets the ranks of the inbuilt ad-blocker
The one thing we really want is for Chrome to be less of a resource hog and we’re optimistic that Chrome will once again be the light, power-packed browser that dazzled us all upon its release.
You can download the Chrome 64 directly from Play Store.

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