Google Workspace Suite now Available

Google Workspace

Google is now offering its collaboration suite of Google Workspace and Google chat available to everyone having a google account. Google has over three billion users of its Workspace apps, only available to businesses, non-profit, and classrooms. Now even an individual can access the full Google Workspace platforms including Gmail, Chat, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Meet, and many more in one place.

New in Google Workspace

Google chat is turning its Room into Spaces and with an easier user interface. Google will apply on few new features like improved message threading, more emojis, discoverable spaces.

 The video chat functionality- Google Meet got more features like a new companion mode to allow everyone access to advanced features, polls, live caption, in-meeting chat, and hand-raising.

The host will have the moderation tools to limit the use of various functions by the participants also mute and unmute them. A new Calendar RSVP options ability to show whether you will be attending virtually or in a meeting room.

The hardware of Google meet is being upgraded from September to support all these new features including Nest Hub Max.

Google says Google Workplace has been optimized for broad participation, sharing, and helpfulness since the beginning and focuses on delivering consumers an equitable approach to collaboration while providing the flexibility that will allow taking their own approach to communication and collaboration to different subsets of users.

Spaces will be introduced over the summer with some features made available to enterprise customers first, while they will be able to use their own client-side encryption for the date, and more “trust rules” for various Drive files.

Google workspace will allow users to pin messages where everyone can see them. Google workspace will provide a place to share knowledge and community building terms of all sizes where all relevant information, files, and conversations can be organized even at the organization level also can be intelligently moderated.

Google Workspace

A new Google Workspace individual has been introduced and aimed at freelancer and sole traders with included features like company email address, email marketing tools, and smart booking service. Google Workspace is expected soon to be available in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, and Japan with an introductory price of $7.99 per month.

Google Workspace updates follow the instructions of Google’s “smart Canvas” concept, which is also designed to interlink its other apps via “smart chip”.  The new Google Workspace SKU follows the instruction of the Google Workspace frontline edition- a custom solution aiming at workers in non-official roles like construction workers or retail staff, with advanced endpoint management features included.

Google published an image of Google Workspace, which looks very much like Microsoft Teams or Slack with posts, replies, reactions, and more. Also, Google Workspace is now allowing admins to enable phishing protections within an organization to help guard your data against the insider threat.

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