How to create a CLUBHOUSE account in Nepal

how to create clubhouse account

The clubhouse is an audio-based, invite-only social media platform for listening to live conversations. You will be able to listen to the conversation on various topics or at least interesting and knowledgeable subject matter covering tech, sports, politics, world affairs, faith, and many more.

The clubhouse was launched in March 2020 in the US. In the beginning, it was a small-scale community, consisting of venture capitalists. Clubhouse currently is available on iOS and Android worldwide, but it is not optimized for iPad. Downloading the clubhouse app is the only way to listen or participate in audio conversation.

Conversation in the clubhouse rooms will come and go as the users launch and end them. Whereas, clubhouse claims that it records conversations as they are happening, but only reserves them if someone files a complaint while the room is live. If there is no complaint, the clubhouse claims to discard the recording soon as the host closes the discussion.

The clubhouse has a limit of 5000 people per Clubhouse room; however, the 5000-person limit can be turned off at the clubhouse discretion. The clubhouse doesn’t include fancy audio set-up, no editing, effects, or transitions, all the people speaking is Via their smartphone, so it’s like conversing on a phone call.

You cannot just sign-up right away, you will need an invitation from an existing Clubhouse user to get access. You will need to provide your phone number to get an invitation. You will receive a link Via text SMS, visit the link and you will be directed to downloading the app Play store or App store.

Once you have downloaded the app, follow these steps to create your account:

Step 1: Open the clubhouse app and click on “Have an invite? Sign-in”

Step 2: Enter the same phone number you have received an invitation to and click “Next”.

Step 3: You will receive a four-digit OTP code via text SMS on your registered number.

Step 4: Enter the four-digit OTP code you have received and tap “Next”.

Step 5: Clubhouse will now show you the user who invited you and you can personalize your profile.

Step 6: Clubhouse requires a name to identify its users, so enter your First and Last name and tap “Next”.

Step 7: You can create your unique username and tap “Next”.

Step 8: Now you can choose your profile photo. You can also skip the step if you want.

Step 9: You can now choose your existing photo tap “pick from library” or you can tap “take a new photo” for a new photo.

Step 10: Clubhouse will ask you to access your phone contact list.

Step 11: Once Clubhouse finds users on your contact list, you can follow the users.

Step 12: Now, Clubhouse will let you choose your topics of interest.

Step 13: Clubhouse will then suggest to you the list of people to follow.

That you are all registered in the clubhouse, you can start a room via (Open, Social and closed), where, Open room is for everyone using the clubhouse app, the social room is with the people you follow and you can also create a private room with the people you choose to talk from closed option.

There is a search icon on the top-left corner, you can search people by their names or you can search the club with keywords, there you will find the group of people under common club names dedicated to particular subject matter or interest.

You necessarily don’t have to be only listening, there is an option “raise your hand” on the bottom right corner, you can tap on the option and it’s up to the creator/moderator to let you speak.

Now you are all set up to use the Clubhouse app and you can start to follow and invite others to use it with you.

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