iOS 14 is already present on 85% of iPhones

Last Friday (04), the iClarified website, which specializes in Apple news, published a graph about the level of adoption of Apple’s latest operating systems on its devices. According to data obtained through the App Store, iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 are already present in most iPhone and iPad models, indicating an increase in adoption of 5% and 9%, respectively, compared to the last survey conducted in February this year.

Data indicate that iOS 14 is already in 90% of iPhone models released in the last four years, while iOS 13 dominates 8% in this same category and leaves the remaining 2% for previous iterations. On the other hand, for all iPhone models, the adoption of iOS 14 reached 85%, while iOS 13 maintains the same presence of 8% here — leaving, however, more room for previous versions, which total 7%.

iPadOS 14 has a similarly positive adoption rate, with a presence in 91% of iPad models launched in the last four years. Soon after is iPadOS 13, which also prevails with an 8% presence in this category — leaving only 1% margin for previous versions of the operating system. When considering all iPad models, the iPadOS 14 adoption level drops to 79%, followed by iPadOS 13 with 9% and previous iterations with 12%.

Charts about the adoption of iOS and iPadOS 14 on Apple devices. (Source: iClarified / Playback)

Since its launch, Apple has been working on fixes and new features for iOS and iPadOS 14, which possibly contributed to the significant increase in adoption levels. The company currently works on version 14.7 of the operating systems, which is still in the testing phase for developers.

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