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The current pandemic has brought a lot of changes in our lives which we all are trying to adapt to, in such scenario the work from home culture is starting to become the only option to get our work done for a lot of the working population, and it is believed that it will become a permanent solution for millions of workers and their employers.

Technology has pretty much taken over all of our lives as everything from professional work to educational learning is online. In times where we cannot physically interact with one another; an ISO/IEC 17788:2014 certified software “LeoSquad” is being launched on 18th June 2021 in the market to effectively implement the idea of a virtual workplace along with building entrepreneurship in the country.

While establishing a business, setting up a workplace becomes one of the most expensive requirements for an entrepreneur which becomes a major problem. A lot of workplaces barely survive in the market because of the overhead cost and assets. Along with that, it becomes difficult for an organization to track their employees’ activities leading them to pay for a bare minimum job. In the context of Nepal, there are a lot of registered companies but most of them do not function well because of the excessive overhead cost and lack of support from the government.

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These existing challenges make it very difficult for entrepreneurs to run their businesses. Knowing the downsides of running a business Analogue Inc. is launching the ‘LeoSquad’ the software which is a virtual workplace for entrepreneurs to keep track of their official work and employees.

There are multiple virtual workplace apps and websites allowing people to work and connect in times like these. However, LeoSquad software has a combination of all the features that are needed in a virtual workplace and you do not have to be a tech-savvy individual to know how to use it. The LeoSquad consists of advanced features to have productive and fake-proof work, benefitting both employee and employer.

“Technology is supposed to make your life easier and LeoSquad is the future that will fill the gap of workspace, and even a layman can learn to use it very quickly.”
-Ashutosh Agrawal (CEO of Analogue Inc.)

The Software is built to promote entrepreneurship in the country, providing a platform to young thinkers and even find people to fund one’s business. All in all, LeoSquad will be offering a platform for people to create a systematic work plan that is price effective, providing better services than the other software’s in the market.

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