Mantra Event Successfully ended in Biratnagar

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2018)

Mantra Event Successfully ended in Biratnagar

Mantra: Chanting of Technology held on Poush 21&22 at Aarohan Gurukul, Biratnagar has successfully ended with the motto of organizing the same event in Pokhara on Magh 26th-27th / 2074 [ February 9th-10th / 2017 ].
It has succeeded previously in bringing together“ digitally aware, socially responsible and environment-loving” organizations. It is not limited to companies, entrepreneurs, and professionals involved in various fields of technology, art, science, education, medical, product manufacturing, construction, and design.

Mantra Rocket


mantra 3d printing

                                                 3D Printing

mantra CNC machines

                                                 CNC machines

drones mantra


mantra Obstacle Climber Robots

                                            Obstacle Climber Robots

mantra robotic arm

                                             Robotic Arm

mantra street sweeper

                                               Street sweeper

mantra vertical plotter

                                             Vertical Plotter

They piloted its first event in Kathmandu back in Ashwin 27-28 2074 [ October 13th-14th 2017 ] with a goal to set a global cross-platform for innovators. They have the vision to cover whole Nepal, not just Kathmandu.
More than 17 exhibitors and partners demonstrated their products and projects including 3D Printing, CNC machines, Drones, Robots, Rocket, Vertical Plotter, Obstacle Climber robot,  Pani Mantra, Robotic Arm, and Street sweeper.
Approximately 3,000 attendees visited the 2-days event. This expo represented the experts from technology, education, industrial, crafts, music, acting and humanitarian sector. It offered a huge opportunity for business networking, mentoring and sharing aspirations.

‘Mira Miraj’  technology drama directed by Vikash Joshi was staged in the Shushila Koirala drama house. Mandala’s Mobile Bus Theatre compounded musical instruments of half-tune Zero Circle Entertainment and local bands too performed Concert on the stage.

                                     ‘Mira Miraj’  Technology drama


                                    ‘Mira Miraj’  Technology drama

The drama used Technology. It used Mobile Theatre dimension of 26*36 sq.ft. They named it “Junkiri” which made stage ready for performance within 10mins and packed up within 5mins.
Next Event is going to be held on next month Magh 26th-27th and be ready for it.

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