Microsoft Teams-set the date for the End of Skype for Business

Microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams has set the end of Skype for Business Online for July 31, 2021. Microsoft has unveiled Windows 11, a new operating system. This will gradually replace the current version over the next years.

Two seemingly minor but connected features stood out among all the new features. Microsoft Teams, is the video-calling tool. However, Teams will be included by default in Windows 11 due to the surge during pandemic. Consequently, for the first time in years, Skype will not be available.

Skype is a telecommunications application that allows users to video chat and make calls over the Internet. Instant chatting is also available through Skype.

That suggests Teams is the current fav kid of Microsoft. While many believe this is the turning point for the once-king of calling apps.

Skype, on the other hand, has been losing relevance for a long time.

Microsoft paid $8.5 billion (£6.1 billion) for Skype ten years ago. It was the internet giant’s largest-ever acquisition at the time. Showered with many questions over whether it paid too much.

On the other hand, Skype has one billion times downloads at that time. Also, hundreds of millions of people use Skype.

It appeared to work; the app was included with every new computer. Also, the number of users was high.

However, online forums were flooded with threads asking “why is Skype so bad?” While everyone expressing dissatisfaction with improvements.

Poor performance and questionable design decisions are the real cause. Meanwhile, mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger were gaining popularity.

Consequently, mobile apps offer video calls, which was one of Skype’s key advantages.

Skype’s original version debuted in 2003. Even with the constant updates, it was beginning to get old.

However, Microsoft Team is a business chat tool, built with the most current technology. For several years now, Microsoft has been going beyond Skype, with Teams. Therefore, serving as their strategic voice and video technology for the next era.

Microsoft Teams all you need

For a short time, Teams employed Skype’s technology as a work tool. It was made to compete with Slack, a business communication tool. But then came the epidemic.

However, Zoom went from being a little-known business solution to a household name in the blink of an eye. Microsoft Teams was one of just a few competitors willing to take on the challenge. However, Microsoft Team is advancing to make things easier for mobile devices as well.

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Skype’s fate as a legacy technology for Microsoft was truly confirmed last year when Teams usage surged. The launch of a personal version, which might directly compete with Skype, has only added to this.


The elimination of Skype as a pre-installed app reinforces Teams as Microsoft’s preferred solution. While, emphasizing that this is where the company will be investing in the future.

Also, Microsoft is going to add a video chat feature in LinkedIn. While, using Teams rather than Skype, with Zoom and BlueJeans, as possible options.

During the pandemic, Skype reportedly had a 70 percent increase in daily users. However, it is still not growing at the same rate as its competitors. People picked other options at a time when the entire world needed a calling app.

There’s a strong case that the Teams experience is just too complex. Especially, for non-technical non-business users. But if Skype was the best option for that. Microsoft would have seen its usage skyrocket in the last year, which it didn’t.

However, Skype will remain available as a download in the Microsoft Store. Users can download if they want to use it with Windows 11.

As well as the revelation of Skype’s demotion to the store. Microsoft also announced the downplaying or removal of several other well-panned programs.

This includes the removal of Internet Explorer in the favor of current Edge Browser. While, OneNote, Paint 3D, and Windows’ 3D viewer program are getting the Skype treatment. Making them becoming optional store downloads.

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