Know About Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) in Nepal

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A long-awaited project of Nepal Telecommunication Authority will be implemented from Shrawan 2078 inside the country called Mobile Device Management (MDMS), as per the announcement in the budget for the upcoming FY 2078/79. The government of Nepal has declared to disable unauthorized smartphones from Shrawan.

Nepal Telecommunication authority decided to roll out the Mobile Device Management system to secure smartphones and disable illegal sets. The Mobile Device Management will put smartphones under the registration which will make it easier for the authorities to monitor them and also to control criminal activities.

According to authorities, 70 percent of work to set up a Mobile Device Management system is accomplished. And the system will be synced to a database called Equipment Identity Register that contains records of illegal and legal mobile devices across the country.

Need of Mobile Device Management System In Nepal

This Mobile Device Management system is also expected to identify the low-cost copy version of branded smartphones with fake registration numbers.

According to law, every smartphone that enters Nepal through business or personal channels is required to be registered with the system or else will be blacklisted. Whereas, black-listed mobile phones will be asked to deny services and deemed non-compliant.

Nepal’s government hopes to nullify the grey market of smartphones after the implementation of the MDM system. Also, the government can collect 13% VAT and 2.5% excise duty from the imported phones and secure smartphones inside the country.

It will be fairly easy to locate if you lose your smartphone after registering with Mobile Device Management System.

The implementation was announced to be realized on Jestha by the chairman of NTA Mr. Purshottam Khanal, with the second wave of COVID-19 has made to postpone on Shrawan.

How to register with a Mobile Device Management system?

To register with the MDMS system,

  • First, visit the NTA site: Click Here
  • Fill all the required forms
  • If you have two IMEI code you need to register twice
  • A scanned copy of citizenship is mandatory
  • Enter your mail address
  • Then tap SUBMIT
  • To check if your phone has been registered or not visit

    IMEI registration is made compulsory by the Nepal Telecommunication Authority. However, its progress in bits is available.

About Grey Phones

People are using grey phones in Nepal on a large scale. Nepal’s government is finally able to come up with a plan to sort out the issue.

Grey phones are unauthorized devices that are transported unofficially from foreign countries without paying the taxes while importing. So, you happen to get those smartphones at minimal prices.

People have been smuggling smartphones from India and the reason is the open border. Some are even stolen phones in neighboring countries.

While people employed abroad also bring the mobile phones in bulk every month. Those mobiles are again sold openly in major cities of Nepal. Those are called grey markets.

There is a rough estimation that Nepal imports 2,50,000 phones unauthorized. The report says, this cost around 7 billion Nepalese Rupees to the Nepal government.

It is claimed, once the system comes to implementation, illegal smartphones will be identified and not come into operation. And the grey market system would be shut down right after the implementation of the Mobile Device Management System.

Whereas, chances of theft will also be minimized and criminal activity regulated with the use of stolen phones will also be reduced.

I did my registration already, now it’s your turn.

Hope this article is helpful enough to eliminate any doubts regarding Mobile Device Management (MDM) system in Nepal.

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