NEA plans to switch old metering infrastructure to smart metering


Today’s technology overall depends upon electricity than ever before. In the same way, the digital world is in need of availing fast services at their fingertips. Realizing this, Nepal Electricity Authority(NEA) is bringing a smart metering system.

What is Smart Meter?

Smart electricity meters are capable of sending information to the energy supplier automatically. They enable the Energy Supplier to provide exceptional services with just a click through the various new features and functionalities.

Old metering infrastructure is not capable of proving these services. Smart meters help to control electrical appliances and electricity consumption in a smart way.

How does the smart meter work?

Smart electricity meters send information (meter readings) to Energy Utility automatically on daily basis also respond to the instructions sent by Energy Utility. All information is also available to consumers in real-time on their mobile so that they can monitor and know their bill or account balance and can control their use.

Consumers can send their complaints, service requests via mobile app and also can pay the bills through it.

Some additional advantages of smart meter:

  • Smart meters give consumers near real time information on energy use . The usage of energy is expressed in rupees.
  • Consumers will be able to better manage their energy use, save money and reduce emissions themselves.
  • Smart meter will help power outage restoration faster.
  • Consumer bills will be very accurate. Hence, it will be helpful to estimate budget better.
  • Smart meters are highly accurate and secured.
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