Nepal Astronomical Society(NASO) enters it’s 15th Year

Nepal Astronomical Society(NASO) enters its 15th year completing its 14th year successfully. It was started in 2064 B.S.

It has been conducting public awareness activities related to astronomy and space science in Nepal. It holds the aim to create an environment for study and research in this field.

NASO conducted its 14th-anniversary program on Bhadra 9 and it was all virtual.

On the program, the President of Nepal Astronomical Society(NASO) , Mr. Suresh Bhattarai says, “We are very happy to present the information that our journey, which started in 2064 BS, has gone through various ups and downs and has duly completed fourteen years and entered fifteen years. We know that with this joy comes more challenges.”

Furthermore, He also thanks the associations/institutions/schools and universities participating in their campaign. It helped to spread knowledge about astronomy and space science in Nepal, Asia-Pacific, and Middle Eastern countries.

The NASO team expresses its gratitude for the goodwill and support shown by the people here over the past 14 years.

Overall, the team members of NASO did a great contribution on the upliftment in sector of astronomical and space science.They are creating more dimensions of opportunity in the country while facing challenges in the midst of covid 19 epidemic.

We can hope to get more innovative and ambitious campaigns from NASO in upcoming days.

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