Nepal Government Plans To Distribute National Identity Card Soon

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2018)

Nepal Government Plans To Distribute National Identity Card Soon

National Identity Card Distribution Management Centre under the Ministry of Home Affairs has completed its preparation for the process.
A national identity card is a portable document, a plasticized card with digitally-embedded information, that someone is required or encouraged to carry as a means of confirming their identity.

National Identity Card
National Identity Card

The government is preparing to distribute identity card to the officials of Singha Durbar and from Panchthar.  According to the center, it will distribute 110,000 cards in Panchthar and another 7,000 cards to the civil servants working at Singha Durbar in the first phase.
Executive Director of the center, Ram Krishna Subedi said that the discussions with the chiefs of government offices and local representatives about the importance of national ID card and necessary criteria and process of obtaining it along with the publicity campaign for the national identity card had already started.
Subedi said,”We are planning to distribute card mid-February. It will take more than five years to distribute national identity cards to citizens across the country.”
The national identity card will distribute only to Nepalese citizenship holders.Applicants must have reached the age of 16.
The cardholder may obtain a duplicate copy by submitting an application to the National ID Management Center via DAO with the verification and recommendation of the same by the local government body if their NID card lost or damage.
According to Subedi, it would take more than five years to distribute NID to all people across the country.
The government had first brought up the idea of national identity cards in fiscal 2008. However, the cabinet had approved the criteria fixed for the cards on December 28 last year.
Neighboring country India, Pakistan, Srilanka, and Bangladesh have adopted national identity card system.
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