Nepal is planning to launch a picosatellite in January 2022

Nepal PQ-1

Nepal is planning to launch a picosatellite in January 2022. Orion Space is the developer of the satellite. The satellite is a PocketQube and is known as Nepal-PQ1 or SanoSat-1.

SANOSAT-1 [NEPAL-PQ1] is a pico-satellite based on the PocketQube form factor. A PocketQube is a picosatellite with dimensions of 5×5×5 cm3 and weighs less than 250gm.

It is also the first fully Nepal-made picosatellite. The satellite is launching on 13th January 2022 from Falcon 9. The mission of SANOSAT-1 is to measure space radiation.

Nepal is new to space technology. so, to engage students/engineers within the country to space education is also one of the objectives of SANOSAT-1. Moreover, by making the satellite open-source, it also helps to encourage students/engineers in the field of space technology.

The design of satellite is open source. operators will upload message to the satellite. Similarly, the satellite will transmit the data to the ground station.

The primary payload of Nepal-PQ1 is a radiation sensor. It uses ultra-low power Radiation sensor (3.3V, 25uA) BG51SM. The sensor measures the alpha, beta and gamma radiation around it and transmits the data to the ground station. 

The ground station is based on SatNOGS. It is a network of open source ground station. It uses a dedicated kit for Uplink and Downlink. As well as, amateur licenced users can also downlink from the satellite.

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