Nepal, Making Possibility of Digital Economy

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2018)

This is the 21st century and we very well know that this world has progressed much more in the field of technology. The development of technology is increasing rapidly. Technology also has lots of inventions. Along with the technology, the trend of digitalizing is also growing rapidly. The burgeoning enrollment of startups and government into digital technology is clearing the traditional methods of running trade slowly. Also, it is building a pathway of an entire digital economy for the development of the nation.

There are lots of changes we’ve been experiencing in technology and digital field for last 5 years. Some of the technologies include things like within a single touch or click we can buy clothes, food, purchase books, recharge balance on mobile and internet. Also, booking plane tickets, movie shows, filling up different application can be possible through a digital medium. Hence, Nepal is working really hard to make a digital economy all over the country. However, digital economy is not so easy for third world country like Nepal. Our country needs many sources, equipment, and manpower which is still lacking for Nepal. Despite the many flaws and weaknesses in Nepal, the improvement in the digital world of Nepal deserves appreciation.

These technologies are improving the economic, social and political situations at a relatively lower cost of our country. Similarly, almost all the countries around the world are determining for the digital economy like Nepal. The need for e-governance and digital infrastructure is growing rapidly in Nepal. Also, Nepal is being facilitated by more user-friendly and trustworthy numbers of e-commerce.

The e-commerce sector is growing rapidly as the people are showing more trusts toward transactions. Similarly, 3G and 4G internet technology and online modes of payment, the way of purchasing goods have taken a different way. The online purchasing pattern today has increased from clothes to electronic appliances and even up to buying vegetables.

Also, digital media and technology, has brought major changes in the educational field. People before needed to attend their classes regularly whereas now they can have their study through online medium. Nepal has also been experiencing these new technologies and progressing more in many other fields. The establishment of Nepal Open University (NOU) can be taken as the best example. Other includes OLE Nepal(Online Learning Exchange Nepal) and SoAni Tech.

Talking about NOU, it is the online learning platform through the distance which is established by the government of Nepal with Act No 3, in 2073 BS. It is one such university that reaches out to students in their flexible time, place and academic level.

Not only this much, the government of Nepal has also been focusing on Information and Communication Technologies for working around the idea of e-governance and developing the digital infrastructure. The 10 e-governance initiatives are Nepal computer emergency response team (NP CERT), Government Cloud (G Cloud), E- Attendance, IT Profiling, E-Village, Digital Content, Mobile Apps, Government Enterprise Architecture (GEA), Training and E-School. These are implemented by the government in order to create a sustainable digital economy in the country.

Having a deep look on the activities of government, Nepal is bringing the possibility of the digital economy throughout the country.

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