Nepal Telecom declares that there is no hacker attack on its server

Nepal Telecom states that the company’s entire data is safe and there is no hacking involved at all.

After the circulation of news on various media on July 10 about the hacker attack on the Nepal Telecom server and the theft of the company’s data records, the company had immediately shut down the suspicious equipment and started an investigation.

After a detailed investigation by the relevant experts, the company claims that no data has been hacked or stolen and there is no truth in that news.

Nepal Telecom has announced in a statement that it has been adopting various security mechanisms to keep the data related to the customer safe and further adds that the company is committed to keeping customer details safe even in the coming days.

Rumors behind the hack:

The widespread rumors hinted that the Chinese group Tag-22 was responsible for the data breach, it was also said the telecom-related data was even put on sale. There was a supposition of theft of Call Data Records of Nepal Telecom.

However, NTC clears all the suspicions and confirms that all the user’s data are safe and sound, and also promises the protection of data in the future.

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