NEPALIME.ME – Nepal’s first web-based meme sharing platform

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2018)

Many of the people these days use Facebook and other social networking sites just to look at or share memes. The meme sharing behavior has widely spread throughout Nepalese youths too. In order to make the sharing of memes easy, a group of energetic youths has developed a new website dedicated to sharing memes named It is Nepal’s first web-based meme sharing social networking platform, which allows you to share memes, videos with your followers. It was developed so that people can look at memes without getting distracted by other unnecessary contents of facebook and other social sites. The most fascinating part of this website is its design. It has a clean and minimal design. 

Some of the main features of the site are:

> Follow and unfollow people, Share photos, video with followers, Tag your posts
> Like, Comment on posts, Add posts to your favorites 
> Embed YouTube,Vimeo e.t.c videos
> Direct Messaging system, Emoji text editors, chat colors 
> User badge and point system, Block users, Report users or posts, 
> Explore to see new posts or suggested people you can follow, People suggestions
> Extensive search system, Google ReCaptcha
> Advertisements

Founders / Developers: Pragyan Rimal and Dinesh Tiwari

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