NT agrees to provide Telephone and Broadband services

Nepal Telecom

Nepal Telecom(NT) has done an agreement with the Government of Nepal, the Ministry of Federal affairs, and the General administration.

According to the agreement, Nepal telecom is providing telephone and broadband internet services for the government. The service is for all local levels and subordinate ward offices, community schools, and other local government offices.

The ministry of Federal affairs and general administration will facilitate and coordinate with the concerned local level and telecom authorities foe the collection of demand and implementation of programs regarding the provision of telephone and broadband services in these offices.

Nepal Telecommucication Authority(NTA) will provide necessary co-ordination to Nepal Telecom and Local bodies. Ministry of project implementation will use Rural Telecommunication Fund to Operate the task. In addition, the ministry will provide the Right of way required for the expansion of services through the local level.

Free internet service will be provided for web-based applications used for local-level websites and online services. For this, the company will arrange various packages, establish rural information centers, arrange hardware and software.

In the same way, to regulate the digital Nepal campaign, Nepal government along with Nepal Telecom will develop and expand infrastructure for various services.

Similarly, services including mobile broadband service will be made available in collaboration with telecommunication service providers. This service is for remote areas where only voice service is currently available through VSAT.

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