NTA intends to procure a billing monitoring service


Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) intends to procure a billing monitoring service. This is to identify discrepancies, if any occur.

The authority will test for billing metering and charging accuracy of mobile operators. The test of accuracy is for voice, data, SMS, and Value Added Services (VAS) against the NTA-approved tariff rates.

The telecommunication market in Nepal is competitive with 2G/3G/4G services. Those services are being offered by multiple telecommunication and Internet Service Providers.

NTA has approved charges of voice, data, SMS, and value-added services offered by the operators. Complex and fast-changing charges applied by the operators have created challenges of consumer dissatisfaction. It has the authority to inspect or investigate the activities carried out and the services provided by the Licensee.

For billing-related complaints, the authority is dependent on the telecom operators billing systems due to limited resources.

Nepal Telecommunications Authority is the national regulator of the telecommunications sector in Nepal. So, it is its duty to perform monitoring of some services on a sampling basis independently without the knowledge of operators to verify whether the billing metering and charging system of the Mobile Operators are reliable or not.

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