NTA Proceeds the plan for the implementation of 5G in the vertical sectors


Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) Proceeds the plan for the implementation of 5G in the vertical sectors.

Digital Nepal Framework has identified One Nation, Eight Sectors, and 80 Digital Initiatives to enable Nepal to harness its growth potential by imposing on disruptive technologies and managing socio-economic growth.

The key sectors identified by the Framework are the digital foundation, agriculture, health, education, urban infrastructure, energy, tourism, and finance. Internet is the backbone and is a crucial part of the Digital Nepal program. Nepal has to take a lead in 5G, rather than be a follower to lead the process of digital transformation.

The ranking of the vertical sectors for 5G integration based on immediate impact may vary from country to country. On the basis of socio-economic status, the sectors may get different priorities of implementation as well.

However, Nepal can set its own priority by analyzing the present context, assessing future requirements, and reviewing Digital Nepal Framework, SDGs, WSIS Action Lines, Connect 2030 Agendas, Industry 4.0, and other relevant documents.

5G equally aims in vertical sectors and many more to digitize the economy and contribute towards global digital transformation. 5G will serve requirements ranging from high reliability to ultra-low latency. As well as, high bandwidth and mobility by enabling an ecosystem for technical and business innovation involving vertical markets. In the present scenario, more and more 5G networks are up and running, and commercial 5G services now available in multiple markets. Due to this, mobile operators are turning their attention to seeking out new business opportunities.

In this sense, developing and delivering 5G-enabled services will provide new opportunities to the vertical sectors and uplift the economy.

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