NTA proceeds the process of launching Nepal’s own satellite

NTA (Nepal Telecommunications Authority) proceeds the process of launching Nepal’s own satellite. NTA invites expressions of interest (EOI) from competent international firms, consultants, and satellite operators. The EOI is for developing business modalities, operational modality and, technical modality of the satellite in the allocated orbital slots.

The orbital slots are allocated to Nepal by ITU. Two orbital slots have been allocated to Nepal by ITU on a planned basis.

One is assigned in Appendix 30B according to the Allotment Plan of the radio regulations is at orbital location 123.3° East longitude.

This allocation in the FSS Plans includes 500 MHz in Ku-band (10.7 – 10.95 GHz, 11.2 – 11.45 GHz in space-to-earth direction, and 12.75-13.25 GHz in earth to satellite direction). Similarly, 300 MHz in C-band (4.5 – 4.8 GHz in satellite to earth direction, and 6.725 – 7.025 GHz from the earth to Satellite direction).

It uses a circular Beam of 0.8° and 1.6° in diameter, for Ku-band and C-band, respectively, covering mainly the Nepalese territories.

Another is assigned in the BSS Plan of the radio regulations located at 50° East longitude.

It includes 12 channels in the band 11.7 GHz – to 12.2 GHz in space-to-earth direction and 14.5 – 14.8 GHz in the earth – to-space direction, using an Elliptical beam with 1.72° and 0.6° in major and minor axis diameter, respectively.

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