Online broadcasting channels including YouTube should be registered now

Online broadcasting channels including YouTube should be licensed now

Nepali Government has made new policies regarding the legal license for online broadcasters and youtube channels.

To get the license, you have to register your channel by paying 5 Lakhs Rupees. However, the amount seems huge and impractical for now.

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology has published a notice regarding the 11th amendment made on the National Broadcast Regulations 2052.

Online TV, Video streaming, YouTube channels, OTT(Over The Top), and VOD(Video on demand) should be registered under the government and regulated as per the respected laws from now.

Similarly, for OTT, there are certain criterias for the content as well. The content must be divided into 3 categories according to the age groups. For children and all age groups, such a programme will be rated as ‘U’ rating. For age group between 10 and 18, such programs will be ‘R’ rating. In the same way, programs for age group more than 18 will be given ‘A’ rating.

To operate OTT, the charge is 1 Crore rupees and for VOD, you will have to pay2 Lakhs.

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