Reuben Paul, a 12 year old Cyber Ninja

(Last Updated On: August 1, 2018)

We’ve seen lots of miracles in this world. Likewise, we have a person who is not even less than any miracle.

It is reported by a CBS reporter, David Begnaud, that he has recently met a boy who claims himself a cyber ninja by showing how smart toys can be turned to listening devices. A twelve-year-old boy named Reuben Paul from Austen is a sixth graded student who hacks household items to showcase how they can be exploited to spy or even harm to the people. This miracle kid is helping to lead the conversation on cybersecurity in many parts of the world. He’s also on a mission to show about how hacking works.

His says that the Bluetooth and Wifi connection is extremely vulnerable for hacking. The security gaps in popular gadgets are also exposed to this cyber ninja. He also hacked Begnaud’s twitter account when he was conversating with Paul that was operating through his wifi network. In addition to this, he hacked the cloud pets teddy bear, that uses Bluetooth technology allowing traveling parents to send messages back to their kids. He also converted a teddy bear into the secret recording device. Ruben will work for NSA(National security Agency) or FBI(Federal Bureau of Investigation) in future to save country against domestic and foreign cyber threats.

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source: CBS

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