SaralBooks-A fusion of technology and accounting


SaralBooks is a web-based accounting software made for organizations. The main theme of the company is to provide a complete financial management solution.

This is the era of technology and inventions. It is becoming almost mandatory for all setors to bindup with digitization. Meanwhile, the demand and use of new technologies in finance and accounting sector is also increasing day by day. Noticing this, Whetstone Associates Pvt. Ltd. has launched Saralbooks.

The company expects to help to grow the organization with the help of expert accountants and the management team.

The service is completely online-based. You can access your account from multiple places at the same time from any device. By using the software, you can keep track of accounts, inventory and assets easily. As well as, this reduces your hassle on finance management and saves your time too.

In the same way, Saralbooks uses the latest firewall and encryption technologies. This helps to keep your data secure along with daily backup.

In this way, you can take control of your organization.

The team of Saralbooks are a group of Chartered Accountants and IT professionals with over decade of experience in management and software development. During their years of experience in the financial consulting sector, they realised there is a huge gap between the software requirements and those available in the market. To fulfil this gap, they started the development of process integrated suites with brand name “Saralbooks”.

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