Security Operations Center (SOC) Launched by Cryptogen Nepal

Security Operations Center (SOC) Launched by Cryptogen Nepal

With the increasing use of information assets, the inherent threat vectors that these devices introduce increase parallelly, and hence, the cyber threat landscape is evolving rapidly. Looking at the current threat landscape where there are multitudes of targeted Phishing attacks, malware spree, ransomware attacks, and supply chains happening worldwide, an organization needs to have the proper technology, plans, procedures, and resources in place to proactively monitor, detect and remediate threats before they cause any business impact to your organization. Due to a lack of skilled, trained, and certified resources, organizations fail to detect & act against any malicious activities that happen to or from the organization.

As a developing nation where organizations are digitally transforming, these organizations become a prime targets for various cyber-attacks. Recent cyber-attack attempts, data breaches, and data leaks have proven such susceptibilities even more. We need to acknowledge that we still lack proper handling and management of Big Data, security, data breaches, recovery, attacks, and threats. Companies suffer from a lack of skilled workforce to battle against these rising threats and threat actors.

With the impending danger of cyber-attacks, threats, and externalities just over the horizon, protection against any potential cyberattacks requires constant monitoring and response. The longer that a cybersecurity incident takes to be detected and remediated, the greater the potential damages and expenses faced by the organization. Addressing these threats is the responsibility of an organization’s Security Operations Center (SOC). The SOC provides a constant round-the-clock, 24×7 monitoring for cyber threats and the ability to promptly engage in incident response.

CryptoGen Nepal, a dedicated IT security company with trained and certified team members with experience in various domains of cybersecurity is working solemnly for securing cyberspace. With “#Made4Security” as their motto, it is what defines them. The team of skilled resources works together in providing best-in-class professional services. Their work speaks for themselves. In just 2 years, they have served various Banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSIs), Payment card industries, government/regulatory bodies, ISPs, digital wallets, and private organizations. They have been featured in several magazines and were also awarded the ICT Awards 2020 in the start-up category.

Along with all of the services provided these past two years, CryptoGen Nepal’s team has been actively exploring the monitoring mechanisms for the aforementioned cyber incidents. Moving forward with the positive feedbacks and satisfactory services, CryptoGen Nepal is now publicly announcing SOC at their premises to provide even more insights for their customers’ data security and alerts generated from their IT infrastructures.

What is Security Operation Center (SOC)?

A Security Operations Center (SOC) is a centralized and dedicated facility for a team of IT professionals with expertise in information security (Infosec). These professionals work to prevent, detect, analyze and respond to cyber threats faced by organizations. With the execution of various threat management strategies, a SOC operates by collecting raw data from various devices within the IT infrastructure of any organization like firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, access control devices, exchange servers, endpoints, applications, network assets, and security devices and analyzing that data for suspicious and

potential threats. Simply stating, SOC collects events from various security components, analyzes them, identifies any anomalies, and provides alerts.

The team of Infosec professionals makes use of a set of tools to aid the operations of a SOC within their defined frameworks and processes. These tools include Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Threat Intelligence platforms, Case Management and Automation.

In a nutshell, SOC comprises three core components: People, Process, and Technology. These three components work together to manage and enhance an organization’s security posture by providing better visibility of their IT infrastructures.

Benefits of an SoC

Having a dedicated team of cybersecurity professionals who can monitor the organization’s IT infrastructure and data 24×7 can reduce the complications and failures posed by cyber threats to near-zero figures with proactive detections and quick responses. Organizations try to make work of (SIEM) as a platform to detect and mitigate threats but such approach solely is not effective as there are many challenges along the way such as lack of professional services, expertise, automation, and complexities with intensified requirements due to the complexity of the security operations.

SOC offers a centralized, comprehensive threat detection and analysis team for all of the organization’s systems. Having a strong and dedicated SOC provides an organization with multiple benefits, including continuous network monitoring, proactive alerts, improved business reputation, improved threat management, adherence to compliance requirements, transparency over the operations, centralized visibility, and reduced cybersecurity costs.

Why CryptoGen Nepal?

CryptoGen Nepal aims to assist its clients with the expertise to hunt for cyber threats and formulate a battle strategy within the best practices. They bridge any gaps due to the lack of skilled, trained, and certified resources and provide 24*7 detection and response as a service with their certified & trained analysts who are well versed with the core technologies placed to monitor your infrastructures, have hands-on experience with detecting threats & vulnerabilities and can respond to your team with a remediation plan. We prioritize the reduction of the meantime to detect & mean time to respond to any potential threats, provide the best cybersecurity practices, uplift your cyber hygiene, and improve your overall cybersecurity posture.

Every SOC consists of SIEM as the core technology to centralize logs, correlate events then visualize & respond to alerts accordingly. Cryptogen Nepal further enriches the existing data by integrating external services like Threat Intelligence directly into the SIEM platform to gain more visibility. The company offer Fully Managed SOC-as-a-Service, where the SIEM platform resides at their premises and logs, are routed from your environment to ours securely using TLS & VPN technologies. The company also offer a Co-Managed SOC as a service where your data does not leave your premises as the SIEM platform is deployed at your data center and you can still have the benefits of the timely detection & response capabilities by our technical experts 24×7.

The attackers and their tools will continue to advance and with that thought in mind, the company plan to further improve their services by combining our defensive security team (Blue team) with their offensive security team (Red team) who can run manual or automated Vulnerability Assessments to enhance the detection capabilities and at the same time find existing loopholes and provide remediation steps to help secure your organization. Cryptogen Nepal offensive security team knows multiple disciplines of the domain like Web, Mobile, API, and more. We aim to deliver and help you achieve a complete cybersecurity solution with in-house cybersecurity tools, skilled resources, and best practices.

With proven experience in the delivery of services like VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing), server assessments, IS audits, security awareness training, and consultation services, now with our SOC services, acting as the first line of defense against various threat vectors, the company will help you monitor and assess your IT infrastructures and measures for weaknesses and possible improvements to enhance your organizations’ cybersecurity posture. CryptoGen Nepal is always your Security Partner.

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