Spotify Greenroom – a Live Audio App in Clubhouse-Style – Now Available

spotify greenroom

Spotify Greenroom is a live audio app in Clubhouse-style that lets Spotify users across the world join or host live audio rooms that are now available. Also, you can optionally turn those conversations into podcasts.

Spotify revealed in March that it was acquiring Locker Room, a sports-themed audio app, to help speed up its entry into the live audio market. It’s also establishing a Creator Fund, which will help the new app grow in the future by providing more content.

Spotify is a well-known audio streaming and media services provider. With over 356 million monthly active users, it is one of the world’s leading music streaming service providers.

Spotify Greenroom users will now be able to login in with their Spotify accounts and host or participate in the app’s live rooms. Spotify also promises a new ‘onboarding’ experience that will teach users how to use the app and locate rooms that they are interested in.

The Spotify Greenroom app is based on the existing Locker Room code. Current Locker Room customers will have their app updated today to become the rebranded and renovated Greenroom experience, according to Spotify.

Spotify subscribers will login in with their existing account details to utilize the new app. They’ll next be guided through an onboarding process that connects them to their passions. Entertainment, music, football, sports, gaming, news and knowledge, lifestyle, hobbies, and interests are all possible areas of interest.

Music production, artist interviews, concerts and festivals, music business, and lyrics and songwriting are among the categories available. They are then given a list of people and groups, and asked to agree to follow the app’s rules, which include no hate speech, incitement or glorifying violence, promoting self-harm, harassing other users, or posting sexually explicit content.

Most importantly discussions in Spotify Greenroom will be recorded by Spotify itself, and there will be “chat restrictions to ensure the greatest possible experience” — a toxicity-fighting task that is as crucial for social audio apps as it is for video services and other forms of social media. If any user complains about something in a Spotify Greenroom audio room, Spotify can investigate, to check what kind of actions could be required.

The Spotify Greenroom feature set is comparable to that of other live audio services such as Clubhouse, Twitter (Spaces), and Facebook (Live Audio Rooms). Speakers in the Spotify Greenroom are represented by rounded profile icons at the top of the screen, while listeners are represented by smaller symbols below.

While you are having a live audio session, there are mute settings, moderation settings, and the possibility to bring listeners on stage. And also, rooms can hold up to 1,000 people, while Spotify planning to increase that number in the future.

If you just want to be in the listeners, you can also give virtual applause to presenters by giving them “gems” on the app besides listening, which is a feature that was also carried over from Locker Room.

During a session in Spotify Greenroom, the number of diamonds you have won will be displayed next to your profile picture. For the time being, the gems have no monetary worth, but that seems like a natural next step given Greenroom’s lack of monetization.

Spotify Greenroom app is focused on user-generated live audio content. However, Spotify has bigger intentions for the service. Along with the launch of other new features later this summer, the business hopes to make announcements on programmed programming, which it claims is a top focus.

In addition to the sports content Locker Room was known for, this will offer programs about music, culture, and entertainment.

Spotify Greenroom is now available in 135 regions around the world on iOS and Android. Well, that’s not quite the global reach of Spotify, which is available in 178 countries. It’s also only available in English for the time being, but that will change as the company expands.

We can say that Spotify Greenroom is a standalone app, with no specifics on how or when (or even if) it will be integrated into Spotify’s mobile and desktop apps, as well as its console, smart speaker, and other device versions. The new service Spotify Greenroom will compete with well-known sites like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces.

How excited you are to join Spotify Greenhouse Perform virtual rooms to discuss, chat and network across topics and industries?

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