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Nepal Telecom

NT agrees to provide Telephone and Broadband services

Nepal Telecom(NT) has done an agreement with the Government of Nepal, the Ministry of Federal affairs, and the General administration. According to the agreement, Nepal...
Nepal Telecom

Nepal Telecom establishes optical fiber link on Solukhumbu

Nepal Telecom establishes the first optical fiber link on high mountainous areas and on the Solukhumbu district. It helps in the expansion of quality...

Nepal Telecom Introduces SEE Offer 2078

Nepal Telecom has introduced a SEE offer with a Free sim card for the SEE 2078 Graduated Students. Similarly, with this offer, Students are...

Nepal Telecom releases CUG – Corporate User Group

Corporate User Group (CUG) is a service targeted especially to facilitate small to large corporate houses through the subsidized rate telecommunication service. This offer...

Nepal Telecom’s appeal on using 4G Mobile Handset

Nepal Telecom is expanding the 4G LTE network across the country to provide state-of-the-art telecommunication services to its customers. Telecommunication Authority of Nepal gave...
Nepal Telecom

Nepal Telecom Replaces CDMA Service with GSM 4G Service

Nepal Telecom is providing services to its customers through the latest technologies in accordance with the technological advancement in the telecommunications sector. Nepal Telecom is...

Nepal Telecom declares that there is no hacker attack on its server

Nepal Telecom states that the company's entire data is safe and there is no hacking involved at all. After the circulation of news on various...

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