Telegram has finally Enabled Group Video Chat Feature


Telegram app for messaging and chatting has finally enabled group video chat. Available on its mobile and desktop apps. Users now can turn their group voice chats into group video calls. While, using the latest version of Telegram’s iOS, Android, and desktop clients.

You can also pin someone’s video feed to your screen so that they stay in the spotlight. Also, share your screen if you need to give a presentation or want to show off something. You can share both your camera feed and your screen at the same time here.

Group Video Calls

You can participate in group video calls using your phone, tablet, or computer. Telegram will take advantage of the extra screen real estate on those latter devices. That gives you a clearer perspective of everything that’s going on. On tablets, for example, you can open a side panel to see a split-screen view. which includes a grid of video participants as well as a list of everyone on the call.

Telegram has recently surpassed 500 million active users. Many switched to Telegram after WhatsApp failed the implementation of a new privacy policy. Telegram’s debut of group video calls, however, is behind the competition. In 2018, WhatsApp, which has 2 billion members as of February, introduced group video and voice calling.

It’s been a long wait for Telegram to introduce group video calls. Even if it’s coming later than many of its competitors. Telegram announced in April 2020 that group video calling would be available later that year. Without a release, the year 2020 came and went. Telegram missed that deadline as well. Still, many Telegram users will like new group video calling, officially available in the app.

Added features

Telegram launched numerous new features recently. Including enhanced noise suppression and dynamic backgrounds. In addition to the long-awaited group video calls. Telegram’s iOS and Android apps users can choose from a variety of animated backgrounds. You can also use a variety of colors and patterns to build your own dynamic backgrounds. You can share your backdrops with your contacts once created.

An audio conversation can have an unlimited number of participants. Whereas, group video conferences are limited to the first 30 persons who join a voice chat.

However, the restriction is going to raise “soon.” During a video call, users can also share their screens.

Similar to iMessage, the message sending animation has been improved. While text, emoji, and stickers now elegantly glide upwards from the text box into the chat.

The group video chat is the major update Telegram has offer with this upgrade.

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