The final event of 2021, PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) begins

The final event of 2021, PUBG Mobile Global Championship begins. This competitive season starts from 30th November today.

Worldwide 40 teams are participating in this season. 20 teams are from league-east and 20 teams are from league-west. The top 16 teams from each league will proceed further to the league finals.

DRS Gaming and DeadEyes Guys are representing Nepal at the event.

For the league-East:

League: November 30th – December 19th

  • 20 teams:
    • Tong Jia Bao Esports invited as the PEC 2021 qualified team.
    • Top 4 teams from Southeast Asia Championship S4.
    • Top 4 teams from MENA & South Asia Championship S1.
    • 6 teams from PMGC Qualification Points.
    • Top 2 teams from PEL 2021 Points.
    • Winners of Rivals Cup: KR vs JP, Pro Series S2 and Japan League S1.

For the league-West:

League: November 30th-December 19th

  • 20 teams are divided into 5 groups, each team plays 4 matches per day.
    • Top 7 teams are from Americas Championship S2
    • Top 7 teams are from European Championship S1
    • 6 teams are from PMGC qualification Points

3 weeks of the league, for east and west both, each with 2 stages:

  • Weekdays: Total of 10 matches per week per league
    • Round-Robin format: 20 teams are divided into 5 groups, each team plays 4 matches per day from each league.
    • Top 16 teams each per week in this stage are qualified for that week’s Super weekend.
  • Super Weekend: Total 15 matches per week from each league
    • single Lobby format: 16 teams play a total of 5 matches per day per league.
  • Only points earned during the Super Weekend are added to the overall league standings.
  • Top 16 teams advance to the League Finals from a league.

For the league finals:

December 22nd-24th

  • 16 teams from League. Total 32 teams from both leagues.
  • 18 matches total, 6 matches per day in both leagues.
  • Top 6 teams from each advance to the Grand Finals.

The Grand Finale will happen on Jan 21-Jan 23,2022.

Prize Pool:

$735,000 USD will be divided among the teams to be listed below:

1st$362,500 Grand FinalsTo be determined(TBD)
2nd$145,000 Grand Finals TBD
3rd$72,500 Grand Finals TBD
4th Grand Finals TBD
5th Grand Finals TBD
6th Grand Finals TBD
7th Grand Finals TBD
8th Grand Finals TBD
9th Grand Finals TBD
10th TBD
11th TBD
12th TBD
13th TBD
14th TBD
15th TBD
16th TBD
17th TBD
18th TBD
19th TBD
20th TBD

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