The formal issuance of electronic passports started in Nepal.

The formal issuance of e-passports started in Nepal.
The formal issuance of electronic passports started in Nepal.

If you are going outside the country and are prepared to make a passport, then this article is certainly for you.

The Department of Passports Nepal started issuing e-passports passports starting from November 17. It is an electronic machine-readable travel document which you should carry while going to other countries from Nepal.

Satya Mohan Joshi, the man of the century, was handed over the first electronic passport by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Narayan Khadka, launching the formal issuance of an electronic passport.

This issuance of e-passport is supposed to replace previous machine-readable passports (MRP). The French firm, IDEMIA is chosen company to print these new passports via a bidding process.

According to the henley passport index, the Nepali passport is one of the weakest passports in the world. Nepal ranks 110th position on the report.

Former joint secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Arjun Kant Mainali said that with the adoption of the new passports as per the global standard, the position of the Nepali passport will go up.

To move towards the procedure of making an e-passport, click on this link: and fillup the given form correctly.

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