The Troll War: A cross-promotional meme war between brands

The Troll War

The website Kabaadii: The Ultimate Humour Store, which recently established by some young people. They wanted to build an ecosystem of memes that allows meme creators to showcase their talents. They also launched a new initiative called “The Troll War” as part of its “The Indoor Times” campaign. The main aims to keep people happy and engaged virtually during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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The troll war is a movement in which Kabaadii brings different brands and pages to cross-promote each other by trolling. Various brands and pages wage a troll war with Kabaadii. In order to engage the audience and increase both brands’ scope and visibility.

The first troll war, with Offermandu, took place on May 3. It was a huge success, followed by a troll war with The Gufaadi Society on May 5. It normally happens over a day on Facebook.

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