TheWiSpy Employee Monitoring App Review 2021

WiSpy Employee Monitoring App

A good spy app can help you expand your business and make a dream team. People have a negative image of employee software, but with time its worth is in the notice. It’s not about keeping your workers under strict surveillance, but the purpose of monitoring apps is to ensure better performance and a secure environment for the company.

Advanced technology has increased the crime rate among companies. In addition, people are getting internal frauds in the business or facing leaked private information. And that has led them into buying tracking apps. To get the best result, you should get the best employee monitoring app, TheWiSpy.

TheWiSpy- Employee monitoring app

It is the best spy app for android that businesses use to make an office space more effective. It has every advanced function that makes it the perfect choice for employers. For example, it functions in stealth mode on the target phone, and you can spy on your workers secretly.

The monitoring is done remotely, which means you don’t have to access the target’s smart device every time you’ll need information. TheWiSpy has advanced features that make digital spying possible, but you must install the app first. That’s because, without it, you can’t fetch information from the target device to the TWS online portal.

TheWiSpy-Qualities of employee monitoring software

TheWiSpy is an amazing software, and the reason is that it has exceptional results and unmatchable qualities that you wouldn’t find in any other spyware.

Remotely monitor employees:
It gets hard to track employees all the time because they can get suspicious, or you don’t have the time. TheWiSpy offers remote monitoring where you don’t have to physically present to know what’s happening. As the app is physically there, you can get the latest reports remotely.

Find deceiving employees:
Did you ever notice that your company accounts don’t add up? Or do you ever suspect your employees deceiving you? Unfortunately, it’s pretty common among businesses, but that doesn’t mean you can let it go.
TheWiSpy can help you catch the deceiver by providing exceptional monitoring features. You can watch your employees’ digital activity and catch them in the act of fraud. In addition, you’ll have access to all their emails, apps, and stored files. It will help you find the traitor sooner than you ever thought.

Real-time result:
You can restrict certain actions on the target device, such as set alerts when your employee types certain keywords on the target device. For example, transfer money, log-in details, and other important phrases. You can get real-time results so you can act instantly. In addition, you can prevent the action before your worker can defraud you.

User-friendly interface:
Most remote employee monitoring software is difficult to understand because they’re designed so that a technical person can operate only. But TheWiSpy has a human-friendly interface, and at the same time, it offers the same level of results. You can get tracked information with few clicks, and all features are listed with details. In addition, TheWiSpy comes with a detailed guideline, so it’s impossible that you will face difficulty in functioning.

Highly effective tracking:
TheWiSpy provides highly effective tracking results; no matter how tricky data you want, TWS will bring it to you in real-time. TheWiSpy has a strict privacy policy that means your data is 100% safe and only approachable to you. At the same time, it has authentic results, which is pretty rare in the spy industry. For example, if you want to track down your employee, TheWiSpy will get an accurate location.

TheWiSpy pricing:

It might come to you as a shock, but TheWiSpy has incredibly affordable pricing when it comes to remote employee monitoring software. In addition, it has unlimited advanced features that you can get in three different reasonable price plans. Here is the detailed overview for you so you can make a wise decision.

  • Standard plan:
    You can get a standard plan for your office; you can get the latest information on your employees’ online activity. In addition, there are three further plans that you can choose from, e.g., one-month, three-month, and six-month plans.But that depends on your need and how long do you require the spyware services. The standard plan includes all advanced features such as GPS tracker, call monitoring, email spy, geofencing, and many others. You can get your plan for $19.99 only, and if you want to extend the subscription period, you’re going to pay more.
  • Premium plan:
    If you suspect your employee is exchanging company information with other people, just spying won’t work. Instead, you would want to do something before it’s too late. TheWiSpy offers a premium plan for such situations.You will get advanced features, and at the same time, you can use remote commands to control your work phones. Such as deleting files from the target device, put restrictions on using certain keywords, etc. Using the best employee monitoring app, you can stop data breaches. The premium plan is available for $29.99 only.
  • Starter plan:Sometimes you want to check once if everything is in order with your office team. Don’t waste your money buying a plan that you won’t even use for long. But TheWiSpy has a better plan for you, and you can get a starter plan that is valid for 15 days. You can spy on your employee with the best spy app for android for $9.99 only. You will get the same level of amazing features.

TheWiSpy compatibly:

You can monitor all your employee’s android devices without any worry because TheWiSpy supports almost every android device. However, you need to assure one thing on your end that the target device has a minimum of 4 versions of any android model.

TheWiSpy: How to install it?

You have to install TheWiSpy app if you want to monitor it. And for that, you need to learn how you can do that. However, you can easily install TWS if you’ll follow the steps carefully. Firstly get yourself a subscription, and then you will get a link to install the app.
You’re all set to get the app installed on a smart device. Open your link on the phone and start installing the app. once you’re done downloading, you can set basic information to start monitoring.

TheWiSpy employee monitoring features:

The most important part of TheWiSpy is its unmatchable features; you can use these functions according to your needs. That’s because these are multi-purpose but, regardless, provide exceptional results. Here is a detailed summary of how these features are useful for employee monitoring.

Call monitoring:
Commonly, workers waste their work hours on phone calls with friends in the office. It is a misuse of the company’s devices and a reason for poor progress among employees. You can monitor employees’ call logs with the help of this feature. TheWiSpy remote call recording feature will provide a detailed report about the callers, duration, and more. You can make them focus on work and stop using phones.

SMS tracking:
If you suspect your worker is sharing company secrets with others, then the spy on text messages feature is a lifesaver for you. First, it gives you access to chats on the target device. Then, you can read the conversations from remote access and spot the traitor.

Email spy:
The email exchange is common among businesses. If by any chance your employee is taking company money or deceiving you, then you can catch them. You’ll get alerts on certain keywords when your workers receive or sent any emails. It’s better to know before it’s too late to fix the problems, and TheWiSpy can help you.

Location Tracker:
Location tracker is a perfect feature for remote employee monitoring. As you’re unable to monitor your team members in person, you can do it remotely. The GPS location tracker on the target device will help you get the most current location of your employee. You can make sure they’re working in the office or in their home rather than doing personal chores.

It’s a remarkable feature; you can put geographical bans on your employees. For example, if you don’t let them meet your competitors, you can block their company address. And for remote employees, you can force them to stay home to work during office hours. If they cross the boundaries, then TheWiSpy will send you instant alerts. So, you can not only know where they are but also restrict them from going elsewhere.

App tracking:
The last thing you would want for your employees to waste their time on social media rather than working hard. TheWiSpy is the best employee monitoring app that allows you to monitor online app activity remotely. For example, you can view the history of how many times they opened the app and how long they stayed there. In addition, you can restrict their screen time and get alerts when an employee doesn’t follow the rules digitally.

As a business owner, you’re handling the whole office independently, and you don’t want to waste your time searching for a spy app. However, the time has changed, and so have the approaches to monitor employees. Instead of nagging them, you can secretly ensure they are doing their job.

And to get that, you need a perfect android spy app. TheWiSpy is the best app to spy on android, and people across the globe have an exceptional experience with it. So don’t stress yourself into looking anymore and get yourself an affordable yet highly effective employee monitoring app.

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